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What is a Weed Wacker?

Just when the lawn grass seems to be growing really out of hand, how to fix this up causes a great deal of dilemma on the homeowners or even for the garden maintenance workers.  In such circumstances, one of the most imperative gardening tools which proved to be very useful is what we call as the weed wacker. Other familiar names you might have heard of it is the string trimmer or the weed eater. This handy equipment is intended for quick and time saving cutting of overgrowths of weeds and even shrubs. Most especially for households with spacious and rambling lawns and gardens, this device can surely be of great use. The common use of the weed wacker as a cutting equipment revolves around slashing overgrowths of lawns and trimming the edges as a finishing touch after mowing. Weed wackers are usually seen as a cutting tool alongside roads or even empty lots for cutting down a huge mess of outgrown shrubberies. In such cases, it is done tor reduce the risk of having a fire and not only to achieve a painstakingly well-trimmed lawn.

A weed wacker is composed of three distinct and key parts. It is consisted of a lengthy handle bar, an engine, and a section of flexible blade-like material called a monofilament. Upon turning it on, the monofilament is rotated until it reaches a very high speed. This causes the monofilament to turn stiff. Upon encountering something hard enough to cut, the monofilament only bends or twists, not like a blade that breaks.  The force made by the rotation is just enough to sever fine thickness like a grass or leaves of a shrub. The line is very affordable once in need of new replacement or already worn out from extensive and prolonged use.

The long handle of it allows the users to hold a distance safe enough not to injure themselves from the danger of the rotating blade-like monofilament lines. The weed eaters also vary in terms of power generation. Some are powered only by gas refilling while others function on demand of electricity or have plug extension wires. In terms of efficacy, electric wackers are more preferred than the gas powered weed wackers. The only thing is, the electric power wacker is secured to an electric cord which can cause a deal of disturbance on the user while on work.

The quality of the product stands as one of the major factors to be considered when buying a one. Above all else, ensuring the safety of the tool for the user tops the checklist to an excellent buying. It is safer than a bladed tool for cutting grass, making it as one of its advantages. The risk of injury is higher for a bladed cutting tool because for instances when it may collide with a hard rock, it may accidentally fly towards the user’s hand. Despite the advantages, there are still some risks involved when using a weed wacker. The monofilament line can be a potential hazard when it is exposed to plant material and sap that may be thrown back by the force exerted from the rotating motion. This can cause a great deal of problem especially when the line gets in touch with poisonous plants.

They comes in assorted classes. Usually found in hardware and garden supply department stores, they vary from the low cost and low power models and goes high up to the more pricey and powerful types and sizes. Having the knowledge on certain things about the weed wacker leads us to have a wise decision when planning to buy handy gardening tools for our own household.







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