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Weed Wacker Safety Guide

A weed wacker can be a very handy and easy to use gardening tool. But there are instances when it can cause a great deal of danger to the user and even to somebody close by It may seem just like a simple equipment, but it does create a huge amount of force once turned on. The spinning strings are like blades and anything as sharp as blade can cause undue injury to the user or someone nearby. Additionally, the force created by the rotating motion sends tiny pieces of hard rocks propelling everywhere like being fired form a slingshot. Furthermore, there is an imminent hazard form using electric powered weed wackers. The cord carries an amount of electric current enough to cause fire in cases of mechanical malfunction. If guided with instructions and safety guidelines, the weed wacker can be used safely and worry-free.


Before You Turn Weed Wacker On

1. Read the user’s instruction manual or guide.

2. Make sure to put on your googles or safety glasses.

3. Wear closed-toed shoes like boots.

4. Wear long sleeved shirt and long pants.

5. Do a visual check of the weed wacker if it well conditioned.

7. If it is an electric powered weed wacker, connect the extension cord snugly to make sure it is secured before you start working.

8. If it is a gas powered weed wacker, check the gas or oil content and refill if necessary. Make sure that you use the recommended mixture of oil/fuel in the gas powered weed wacker

9. If it is a battery powered weed wacker, make sure it is fully charged before starting.

10. Attach the monofilament lines securely and check for tightness.

11. Always be prepared with a replacement tool in case malfunction happens.


Basic Weed Wacker Rules

1. Find a spot where you want to begin and bring the weed wacker with you. Look for a space where you can move freely the weed wacker as you start the edges of the taller bushes in and out direction.

2. Based on the manufacturer’s manual, follow the directions on how to start the weed wacker. There are different ways for each type. An electric powered weed wacker has a switch for start. Priming is first done for a gas powered weed wacker by pushing down four to five times the rubber bulb before driving the choke all the way down. The machine starts at the pull of the cord repetitively.

3. At the base of the grass and weeds, move the weed wacker in front of you from side to side. Starting at the top of the grass, sweep side to side down to the base if the weed is too tall.

4. Continue on the areas that have not been trimmed and maintaining the same height level of the weed wacker to each trimmed areas.

5. Grasp the weed wacker so that the nylon string is at the 90 degree angle to the ground to form straight edges

6. When you are done with the trimming, stop the weed wacker and wait till it completely stops spinning. Then wipe the entire equipment with a moist rag to remove any dirt, weeds, grass especially on the blades to avoid future problems.

7. While operating the weed wacker, concentration is necessary to avoid injury.

Weed wackers is one of the most useful tool in terms of trimming tall grass, weeds and brushes. Since this equipment uses force to trim grass and weeds, thus there are many dangers involve in operating this kind of tool. It is highly recommended that the operator must follow the rules on safety guidelines before using the weed wacker to avoid untoward injuries. The operator must also read the manual on how to operate a specific weed wacker because you could lose a finger or injure a part of your body if the weed wacker is not used properly.  Even nearby individuals can be harmed from propelling debris from the strings. Operate the machine with extreme safety.

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