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Weed Eaters

Weed eaters are very popular lawn equipment among lawn owners, the world over. As their name suggests, their function is to “eat” or trim large, uneven grass and weeds from the garden lawns. Weed eaters run on power engines that run on oil or gas, depending on the brand.


The first one was invented in 1971 by a popular Houston businessman called George Ballas. Initially called a string trimmer, the first weed eater was steel-wire threaded. It was manufactured to replace the use of the manual weed clippers, which were used before they were invented.



There are three main ones currently sold on the lawn equipment market. These are:

  1. Corded electric
  2. Gas
  3. Cordless

Out of these, the corded electric weed eaters are considered the best, according to most experts because of their work-volume capabilities. Although gas weed eaters are efficient, the cordless ones are great in terms of their portability and user friendliness.



Weed eaters work on the simple premise of alternating blades. They cut the weeds from a lawn using their alternating blades, attached to a motor. Although most of them are self riding; others are hand-held and cut the weeds when pushed on the ground.



Weed eaters are generally movable lawn trimming tools. They are characterised by a unique cutting compartment or blade, engine, a motor and a holding compartment. They come in different forms and shapes, depending on their manufacturers. Some weed eaters are hand pulled; others are cart pulled whereas others are controlled by a steering wheel, just like small cars, or riding lawn mowers.



Although the basic features of an average weed eater remain constant, there are several other qualities that guarantee high quality service. Some of these include:

1. Debris shield

This is the part of the weed wacker that is used to collect the debris cut from the lawn. The best debris shield is made of steel, according to most lawn equipment experts.


2. Trimmer or weed eater line

The trimmer line should always be kept straight and in order for high quality lawn trimming.

It should be made of a durable finish for better weed cutting results.


3. Tap-n-go line feed

This is also another important feature on a regular weed eater. The best quality should be made of strong and durable wire.


4. Power output

There are several sources of energy that run weed eaters. There are some that use electricity; whereas others use portable power back up like batteries. Choice should always be made based on the usefulness and user convenience.



Depending on the quality of the material used to make the them, prices range from one retailer to another. Generally, the average price of a weed eater is between 90 and 140 dollars, as of spring, 2011. Most experts believe that, more green alternatives in terms of how these machines run will mark the future of weed eaters. The vehicle weed trimmers are also set to be featured more and more as people look at lawn trimming as a leisure activity.

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