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Makita Weed Wacker

The Makita weed wacker is an important lawn accessory. Belonging to the weed wacker family of lawn maintenance tools, the Makita weed wacker is one of the best weed removers for lawns. It is manufactured by the Makita Company, which is a leading manufacturer of blowers, saws, trimmers and grass wackers or weed eaters. The two most popular models from this brand are:

1.Makita EM4250CA Weed Wacker

2.Makita EM4251CA Weed Wacker


Features Of A Makita Weed Wacker

The Makita Weed Wacker has all the normal Weed Wacker parts. Some of these parts include the:

1.The head- Which is the part of the Makita weed wacker with the blade or cutting edge. According to most gardening and lawn experts, this is the key component of all the parts in this machine.

2.Blade or cutting line-Which is the part, that cuts the weeds.

3. The adjustable handle- This is the part that is used in the pulling and starting functions of the machine

4.Battery part and engine- The battery is used to provide energy that is used to power this elegant lawn equipment. The best quality batteries for it are the lithium batteries. Also important to note that there are brands of the Makita weed wacker that are electrically powered and do not have a battery function.

How The Makita Weed Wackers Work:

The Makita weed wacker is designed with a head attached on an adjustable arm. The head holds the blades that are alternately arranged to wack weeds. The head also has a cord that is used to start the machine, with a pulling action. When pulled, the string starts the engine; the engine then rotates the motors that move the blades, which then cuts the weeds.

General Stability of the Makita Weed Wackers

Just like all other lawn equipment like weed trimmers and general weed eaters, the Makita Weed Wacker is susceptible to the regular wear and tears that befall mechanical equipment. The most common repairs generally include a few replaceable components. According to most experts, these components are:

  1. Fuel filters
  2. Pull cords
  3. Mufflers
  4. Spark plugs

Although not exclusive, these parts bear the highest risk of destruction during normal home use. When any part of your weed wacker breaks, it is important to get replacements from a certified Makita weed wacker spare parts dealer in your city or online.


Makita Weed Wacker Prices

Prices for the Makita weed wackers generally vary depending on their age, year of manufacture and style. However, a recent price survey that was carried out revealed the prices for the Makita weeds wacker start at 100 US dollars for the new ones and about 70 US dollars for the used ones. This brand is international and one can therefore expect to find the Makita weed wackers at the local home improvement stores, gardening stores and at certified Makita stores.

Other Similar Products From Makita

Apart from the famous Makita weed eaters, their manufacturers are also known for a wide variety of home improvement equipment like the Makita generators, grass trimmers, chain saws and hedge trimmers.

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