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Hitachi Weed Wacker:


Hitachi is a well known company and a major producer of weed wackers and power tools. One of the company’s largest breakthroughs, was the innovation of the gas-powered weed wacker.  The Hitachi weed wacker, also known as Hitachi CG22EASSLP or Hitachi trimmer is a gas operated weed wacker. It is an ideal tool for homeowners and gardeners who are in need of a versatile, lightweight but at the same time powerful grass trimmer. The Hitachi Weed Wacker is blade and attachment capable, equipped with purge primer and a Walbro carburetor for reliable and fast starts. It has also a drive shaft warranty. It is known for its S-Starting system; thanks to this system, starting the trimmer is effortless. It is perfectly built to trim grass, tall weeds or brush on small to average sized yards. It is a lightweight weed wacker which enables the operator to easily maneuver the weed wacker and can reduce fatigue in extended periods of working on the job.


History of Hitachi:


The power tools just like the weed wacker or also known as weed eater, are products of the Hitachi Koki Company Ltd. This company has been an independent team from its mother company, the Hitachi group since 1948. Same as its parent company, Hitachi Koki brings its customers the advancement in technology and incorporating this development on their power tool products. In the year 1980, United States was served with quality market line of tools by the Hitachi Power Tools U.S.A.




  • Known for the S-Start System that reduces the pull-force amount to start the engine by 50%
  • Has an engine commercial grade of 21.1cc for excellent performance
  • Holds copolymer cutting line with a length of 13 feet of .095-inch and provides hassle free operation through the 4-inch semi-automatic trimmer
  • Equipped with the Anti-Vibration System to lessen fatigue while promoting comfort for the user
  • CARB Compliant


Hitachi weed wacker is known for its great advancement in terms of its distinct features. Its features include the four inch semi automatic head trimmer which makes each trimming a hassle free job and holds the 13 inch of 0.95 inch of copolymer line. With its semi automatic trimmer you can just tap the head of the trimmer to release some spool of the copolymer line. In doing the maneuver to release some spool of copolymer line, it is recommended that you practice it first. Often times it will result in releasing too much line that may cause the nylon string to get tangled. The curved shaft design of the Hitachi weed wacker has a great advantage compared to those straight weed wackers. Due to its curved shaft design it is easy to balance when using this equipment. Its curved shaft design is also useful in trimming grass or weeds in tight spaces such as the porch, swing sets and other hard to reach places.  It is equipped with a low emission, CARB (California air resource board) compliant engine which means that it passes the emission and smog test since it is a gas operated weed wacker. It is also suited for people with different body types. Whether you are athletic, a teenager, a Mr. Fix It, or loving mom, the Hitachi weed eater is perfectly suited for you with its anti-vibration system which can reduce stress and fatigue when using the weed wacker for extended periods of work. It also comes with a harness that helps carrying the weed wacker and evenly distributes its weight on your body. In terms of its safety, the Hitachi Weed Wacker also has a built-in black plastic debris shield; this debris shield ensures the safety of the operator from objects that may fly out and directly hit the operator, thus reducing the chances of injury while operating the Hitachi Weed Wacker.

Specifications and General Information:


Product model:                                        Hitachi CG22EASSLP 21.1cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Weed Wacker


Weight:                                                                                                    9.7

Shaft:                                                                                                   Curved

Dual time:                                                                                               Yes

Four-cycle engine:                                                                                  No

Line diameter:                                                                                        .095

Rotating head:                                                                                          No

Clutch:                                                                                                       Yes


Warnings and Safety Guidelines:

Since this is a  machine operated equipment, moving parts of the equipment may wear out as the equipment is used and may need repair. Good maintenance of the equipment is the key to extending the life of your tools. It is also recommended for the operator to carefully read and follow the user’s manual for instructions and learn simple tips before operating the machine. The consumer must also take into consideration when purchasing a Hitachi weed wacker the availability of Hitachi service centers near their home.


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