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Grass Trimmers

Grass trimmers are a valuable asset to lawn maintenance equipment, just like a rototiller is valuable to the gardener.  Weed wackers come in lots of different shapes and with lots offunctionalities, depending on the individual’s lawn trimming needs. There are several brands of grass trimmers that are available in the lawn section of your favorite gardening store. Apart from trimming luxuriant lawns, grass trimmers are also important in the removal of weeds in lawns that are overgrown.


Normal grass trimmers comprise of several parts. The main parts that define the grass trimmer functionalities include the following.


This is the part of the grass trimmer that holds the cutting blades or blade. It is normally pushed against the grass to cut the grass.

The handle

Most grass trimmers are handheld. Although many have a long arm, they function on the basis of a moving blade against long grass. Most handles are plastic made, to reduce weight. This also reduces the attrition instances while working on the lawn.


To trim the grasses, grass trimmers need to have a cutting blade. Popularly known as the trimming line, grass trimmer blades are their most important feature. The best quality of blade or trimming line is made of steel alloys for improved edge strength.


Grass trimmers are generally run on a small engine. Often the battery-run engines are generally used to rotate the motors, which turn the trimming line or blade to cause the grass trimming or cutting effect.


These are very important part of a normal, portable grass trimmer. They are generally used to run the engines of the grass trimmer. They can be replaced by mains electricity for small sized lawns, depending on user preferences.


It is always good to purchase grass trimmers with the best functional efficiency, according to most experts. The grass trimmer efficiency however, varies from one trimmer to another. The most important features that guarantee this efficiency include:


1.     Rotating heads

Grass trimmers with rotating heads are always the best buys, according to experts. Rotating heads help users change the cutting angles on this trimming equipment. This ensures that, users have total control on the angles at which the grass is trimmed.

2.     Second handles

Grass trimmers with two handles are also a highly recommended buy, according to experts. They help increase the steadiness of a regular grass trimmer head, while reducing user control on the trimming functions.

3.     Telescopic shafts

Trimmers with telescopic shafts are generally important for tall users. They help reduce user stooping, which may hurt the user’s backs. This reduces tiring instances, making the grass trimming chore less tedious, safe and interesting.

4.     Replace-ability of the blades or trimming lines.

Most grass trimmers are made of plastic blades or trimming lines. It is always important to use those whose edge can be replaced. This is always cost effective, in the long run.

5.     Grass trimmer guards

They are generally important in helping improve user safety.


Cost and trends

Grass trimmer prices vary from one gardening shop to another. In general however, grass trimmers cost between 50 UD dollars and 150 US dollars. According to trimmer market researchers, grass trimmers cost lower at specialist stores as compared to the premium stores.





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